The Blockade- A Poem

The struggle to make the words come out is frustrating at the least

To string together these aimless thoughts is not an easy feat

Days go by, yet nothing can fill the blank and empty space

And so I try and once again its failure that I face


I type , delete, then type again what garbage do I write?

Beginning, middle, and the end all sound so very trite

But write I must! I have no other course from which to gain

The inner peace of creativity that runs freely in my veins


So please forgive this stumbled bid, it’s all I could produce

Soon I promise, faithful friends , an entry of more use

But still a lesson to be learned from this stint of writer’s block

We must go on, live, and create- even if it makes us the laughing stock


So ends my little entry from a Chigirl’s Diary Blog

One last little line to end the rhyme. I’ll end it using frog.




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