Was Looking for Inner Peace, Found a New Level of Cursing

I like to think of myself as a pretty calm person for the most part. I’m not a yeller, I don’t care enough about people to let them annoy me for too long for the most part-except at the movies. If you are a talker, I will stare you down until you stfu. Oh and if you’re a bad driver, rude line cutter, pretentious…

Ok, so I have a few pet peeves. I’m not an angry person though. I usually take those instances of annoyance to make a five-minute, barely coherent rant that usually cracks up Boo, which then keeps me going. I’d like to think one day I could be the next Chelsea Handler. But I’m also scared of hate mail.

I’m always looking for new hobbies and interests to calm my state of mind. As I’ve mentioned before I am an overthinker. If there’s anyone that really gets on my nerves, it’s myself.  Here are some of the different hobbies I have taken up over the years.

Meditation– I basically have ADD when it comes to meditation. Whenever I do manage to focus on my breathing I end up falling asleep.

Music Making–  Great hobby- Until you start doing it as a profession. I got my first ever grey hair stressing out over studio time and recording.

Working Out– This actually works. The tired you feel from working out is almost euphoric. I sleep so well when I actually get into a workout routine. The problem is starting it and getting through the  hellish hour of actually working out.

Fishing– I LOVE fishing when I visit my cousins on the west coast. But they pretty much set everything up for me. If I were to do it at home, I’d have to get a license, buy equipment, learn maintenance, etc … I’m stressed just thinking about it.

Gardening – My mom loves gardening. I was hoping I would too. I had all these plans of making an herb garden, maybe some tomatoes and avocados. There’s only one problem- there is no plant known to have ever survived while in my care.  Any time I tried a new plant, it usually ended up with me swearing at the plants for being stupid and weak.

Origami-Boo was so excited to try this one as he’s been on Asian overdrive (as you can see by our dinner Instagrams as of late) I thought I’d actually be good at this since I mindlessly fold paper at work all the time. Let’s just say by the end of it, I had created a new vocabulary of swearing and we had two piles of paper- the “finished” pile and the “fucked”pile. The finished pile consists of one poorly made origami envelope.


I think my next endeavor is going to be kickboxing. For me, there’s nothing more peaceful than knowing I just kicked the crap out of something.


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