ChiGirl: What’s in a Name, What’s in a Size? (Urban Dictionary Edition)

One of the reasons I chose to be a ChiGirl is because it seemed to fit me perfectly- A shy girl from Chi-town. When I originally looked up the name to see if anyone took claim of this, I stumbled upon a definition from Urban Dictionary that I, initially, felt insulted by….followed by a deep sense of pride.


ChiGirl: A woman exhibiting above-average attractiveness from the neck up, but who is unacceptably – and often surprisingly/disappointingly – overweight in the body. The term stems from Tucker Max’s contention that Chicago’s extremely short swimsuit season gives the otherwise attractive women there little incentive to exercise.

I met this chick online and saw her headshot and she was fine as hell. But when I finally saw a full-body shot she turned out to be a total Chi Girl. – Urban Dictionary


When I first read this, I thought, what dumbass came up with this? This is not only insulting to the women of Chicago but to women everywhere! To be categorized as “disappointingly” overweight, like we’re trying to trick you or something.  Then, to associate such a prejudice to an entire community? What a bunch of bull!

But then, I couldn’t help but laugh… I am totally a Chi Girl!

I am well aware that I’m far from looking like those Victoria Secret models. I’m 5’1 and got at least 60+ pounds on those girls. But if there’s one thing I learned from my idols like Rebel Wilson, Callie Thorpe, and Tess Holliday it’s that I am cute, adorable, and pretty AF, plus-sized and all!

I love food and I hate exercise. Does this mean I’m lazy? Sometimes, but not often.  I have times where I can’t get out of my pjs for nothing and all I want is greasy takeout. And I can’t say no to either of my parent’s cooking. But I also like to walk around the city, and even around my little ass apartment if it means meeting my fitbit goal. Do I try to eat better and be active for my own health benefits? You betcha! I’m always working towards choosing healthier food, cutting portions. I like trying new sports, taking dance classes, and riding my bike.  For reasons both in my control and beyond my control, this is the body I have. I spent years feeling like I had to apologize for it or somehow correct it but, thanks to some support from family, my boo, and my role models,  I’ve become proud of who I am and more comfortable in my own skin. There are days when I’m more comfortable than others and there are even times I wish I did look different. But those days have become less and less frequent because I know what I’m doing for myself and beyond that is no one’s business to judge. I also learned that I am too awesome to let narrow-minded people defeat me.

So, Urban Dictionary, I am taking back your definition and turning it into something to embrace. I will proudly wear the badge. I’m a short, fluffy, shy musician, from Chi-town, with impeccable taste, and a smirk for days. But you can just call me ChiGirl.





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